5 Downloads and counting…

April 2, 2008

Since the launch of JCreme, we have seen five downloads. We aren’t sure who is looking at the project, but we would love any feedback that users or developers have about the project. Feel free to email us with feedback, suggestions, or questions.

jcarroll [at) byu (dot] net


System.out.println(‘Hello world!\n’);

March 24, 2008

The JCreme project is live! We invite you to download the first release now.

This release of JCreme is named “mercury” and is our first public offering of the source code. We have included a brief orientation on JCreme with the release files (README.txt); you may also be interested in directions on how to check the latest code from SVN.

Feel free to submit modifications to the code to me. I will happily and quickly integrate them into the code. We welcome developers to contribute to the project, and we will grant such users write access to the repository.


James Carroll
jcarroll [at) byu (dot] net

BYU Configurable Computing Lab